Sunday, March 7, 2010

Surprise visitor and homemade tattoo

Camden (5) drew this on Cliff's arm a day before this photo was taken. It meant a lot to him, so took a photo of it for Cliff to cherish these little moments. He loves his boys and appreciates all they add to our lives. He told me he would have loved to have this tattoo made permanent as an expression of his love for his boys.

Now onto our surprise guest: We had friends over all weekend and I was in the kitchen with my friend cleaning up after our late grilled lunch (or early dinner). Out of the corner of my eye (the blinds were just cracked) I saw something under our barbecue pit---it was licking the underside of the grill. I knew it was a possum by the tail. What surprised me the most was when it climbed up on the side shelves and started licking all the utensils. I did wash them all afterward. We sat and watched it for about 15 minutes. We've lived here about 8 years and never seen anything like this before. This has been a very hard winter for creatures. It came right to our back door and ate a piece of orange peel. Then it walked around our deck for about 5 minutes and went under the deck. We let Shadow out to sniff around afterward. She would have killed it had we let her out sooner. So I am glad it was a controlled situation and we saw the possum before she did. I prefer to keep her away from random wildlife. I'm sure this possum will not live here for long with the threat of being eaten by our huge dog.

Life is exciting here in Iowa! Ha ha ha!



Cam said...

I actually lived in Iowa once! I never had to experience the Iowa winter, though, thank goodness! I lived in the northwestern corner, by Okoboji/Spirit Lake.

Now, I'm in southern/coastal Georgia, and let me tell you, we see our fair share of those possums!


juliecache said...

a possum!?

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I found out that possums like to chew under our bbq grill. They were hungry this winter. :O(