Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our week in photos

Now that the first week of March is about over, it is fun to look back at our week, now that I have a moment. Many others things happened, like Cliff taking the boys to the lake for walks with the dog, friends coming over almost every day to play after school, another play date, a coffee gathering with adult friends, me going to the gym, Holden hitting level 80 on his WoW DK, Cliff coming and going from school, meals, the boys playing together and lots of verbal exchanges. Cliff and I had a lot of quiet moments to talk and watch a TV series we rented which is providing us with much to think about.

This week also started out pretty stressful---it was self imposed though. We cleaned almost all weekend to prepare for a real estate agent to walk through our house. We wanted to get his thoughts on what we need to focus on for repairs in the next year, if we want to sell. The list was long!!

We are having warmer temps here and it was a sunny week. So we got out as much as we could. Now it will probably be raining off and on for the next week. The snow on the ground is dwindling. We are not worried about flooding at our house, but lots of people will have water in their basements and homes in Iowa, and other places, will flood.

Happy March, my friends and family!!!! I hope you are safe and dry. We have company this weekend and my boys are still asleep---So time is short at the moment for blogging.

~Heather ;O)

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