Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy mornings and the trade

I love happy mornings with my boys. Not all mornings are completely happy, but lately is has been pretty happy. I love seeing them help each other and all of us working together to find a decent balance and compromise in all our conquests.

And for anyone wondering what happened to the trade: Well, it is on hold until after the holidays. We could trade several items for the dolls, but I decided to wait until January to decide. My mind is in too many places right now to make those kinds of decisions right now. She has pearls, Luxe watch, and a decent violin. All of those items are worth a combined amount of about $300 give or take $100. An expert told me the dolls are worth about $200. I would prefer to take one trade item, but I need to think on this.

This is one of the emails I received from Alan Pate:

"Thank you for the images.
These types of dolls used for the Hina Matsuri Girl's Day celebration are known as hina-ningyo. Their style is known as kimekomi where the textiles are applied to a carved body, where the folds and pleats reflect the craving rather than textile draping. This particular set is something of a folk-style known as tomago-bina or "egg hina". They were not particularly old when your friend got them 20 years ago. They do not command much in terms of resale value.
Let me know if I can answer any additional questions.
Alan Pate"

Peace to all!

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