Sunday, November 29, 2009

Photos of our week

After much procrastination here are some photos I have been hording for about a week. All of these were taken at our house, except the big lighted tree and our neighbor's house across the stress. The tree is in our neighborhood and been decorated for many years. The lighted house is the one Holden has been helping decorate. We made our first grateful turkey (stole that idea from a friend) on Thursday. Holden helped me design the turkey and he wanted the heart on the chest.

Our week: We went to YMCA almost every other day to swim laps; Wednesday made pies, cleaned; Thursday: Cooked a big meal at home, played games, watched movies, enjoyed the day; Friday ate leftovers, went on a hike, made another pumpkin pie to take to a friend's house for a party, cleaned rat cage, went to a friends house for the evening of yummy food, wine, and laughs, came home around 8pm and had fun at home; Saturday: Heather went on another hike run with the dog and we had friends over in the afternoon, Holden bathed Brownie since she was stinky (his idea, not mine).

Holden lost another tooth yesterday and that is why there is a photo of his mouth. He had Brownie on his shoulder when I took the photo. So far all the teeth he has lost have come out after the adult tooth was well above the gum line.

Camden basically ate either apples, bananas, pumpkin pie, ice cream, or egg sandwiches all week. He is going through a picky phase. So the photo of him eating ice cream on the couch is a daily ritual around here. He discovered Snoopy last night and loves the Peanut gang. I taped "Snoopy, Come Home" (1972) on our DVR and played it for him last night. I had never seen it and I enjoyed it as well. We've been recording things to our DVR and enjoy speeding through the commercials. We tape some things that are more worthwhile than what we were watching before. It is fun to come to the DVR and pick what we want to see vs what is on.

We have been loving our DVR. We just got it free through our cable company last month when we switched service providers from Qwest to Mediacom. We were paying about $160 a month total for our phone, internet, and satellite (Direct TV). Our bill is now about $81 a month. The wifi internet is not as great and didn't come with a wifi router and we can't use our analog fax now. But we still have unlimited long distance in the U.S. and Canada. We bought a router and we have have cat1 (?) cables plugged into the routers from the laptops; it makes the internet for the lappys much faster or at least as fast as when we had Qwest High Speed Internet. Our rate will go up after a year, but then we can apply for other discounts. We have no contract with Mediacom.

The next few weeks are going to zoom by! We are going to visit family out of town and we are really excited. And next week is my birthday plus Holden's. So if I don't blog much for the next few weeks everyone will understand why. Also, Camden is on my computer a lot lately. That is where all his favorite on-line games are bookmarked. I don't mind sharing with him. And he prefers my computer for Roblox as well.

Hope everyone had an awesome week! I am sorry the long weekend is almost over and Cliff has to go back to school tomorrow. Right now he is behind me finishing a paper to turn in tomorrow.

Love to all!


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