Thursday, November 19, 2009

Decisions, decisions

If you read my previous post you know this is about the Hina Dolls we have up for trade. Below is the list of items we will choose from. I have bolded the items I like the most. I have a few days to decide. I will get a photo of the item we decide on before we are final on this. I am going to need to put my thinking cap on here. If anyone out there has any insights or thoughts, please speak up. Thanks so much! ~Heather xoxo

Anyway, we want to go through some of our stuff downstairs and make a list for you of possible trades. But to give you an idea, here are some things that come to my mind:
Jewelry: several pieces of sterling silver from Mexico, including a huge modern ring studded with cabachon gemstones (we used to perform on cruise ships and I have tons of Mexican jewelry and clothing!)
Watches--a men's like-new Luxe with a Swiss movement--sells for $149 on eBay, and a nice Disney Fantasia limited ed. gold tone Lorus watch
A nice violin, full size, great quality
All kinds of collectibles, old and new, such as three antique cigarette holders--including two cloisonne and one ivory, probably from the 1930s-1950s, and loads of other vintage cool items, big and small!
If you're a Fawlty Towers TV show fan, (from the BBC), a framed display piece commemorating the show, autographed by John Cleese
Appliances, sports equipment----we have to go through our storage unit this weekend!
Does any of this sound interesting? Please let me know--and lots more to follow! Also let me know if you're looking for something (other than a bus!) because maybe we have it!
I love and adore those Hina dolls, and I really, truly want them sitting here with my antique bears and other Hina dolls. So I do hope we can make a deal....
Thanks Heather--this is fun!


Karen said...

Heather, have you ever had the dolls appraised? Might be a good idea so you know how much they are worth.

juliecache said...

how exciting!