Sunday, October 11, 2009

Missed photo opportunities, no big deal.

I love blogging with photos, but I haven't taken many photos in the past few days. So, I added some cute photos from the past since I missed some great photo opps yesterday of our first (and super early) snow of the season. It melted within a few hours and turned into a beautiful, sunny afternoon. I missed photographing the kids and friends jumping barefoot on the trampoline when there was still some ice on it. I still haven't photographed the new rat play scape in our basement we made with remnant carpets scraps, an old chimney pipe piece, and ice cream buckets which is adorned with a colorful feather wrap the rats adore! And I really do plan on getting some outdoor fall photos. The leaves are just gorgeous this time of year. And last night I missed taking some photos of the kids running around with their Nerf guns playing with a new friend who was here with his parents to watch a football game.

The opportunities I haven't missed were the important opportunities. Some opportunities are making time to cuddle with my boys to read at bedtime, watch movies, sleep, talk to, be sweet to, respect, answer questions about everything you can imagine. I haven't been 100% perfect or present. I shoot for about 80% perfection. The times I screw up I apologize and usually do better the next. I take lots of deep breaths when I am stressed. And I have learned how to find a peaceful balance of give and take so I don't get overwhelmed. Getting off balance for me was easy when I was juggling two boys under 6. Now that they are 5 and 8, it is a lot less overwhelming. And if I do get stressed I have learned healthy ways of getting back into my zone. Support, exercise, and rest is usually key.

The memories I have captured in my mind and heart of our family, and my kids is hopefully much more memorable than the ones I could ever catch on camera.

Love to all!


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