Monday, October 26, 2009

A lovely fall day for a hike

It was one of those perfect fall Saturdays to go on a hike! Shadow was begging for her daily walk and Holden and I needed some mother son time. Holden brought a snap sack for our finds, but it was accidentally left in the car. About half an hour into our hike shadow found a skull. If you click on the close up of the teeth you can see it was a plant eater. It had odd grinding molars neither one of us had seen before. So we researched the teeth of a possum and were able to i.d. our skull that way. Possums are related to the Kangaroo....they are both marsupials (mammals with pouches). If you research marsupial teeth they all have a similar kind of molars set for grinding grasses and leaves.

We also hike off trail to the river. Holden wanted to rinse his skull. Once we got to the river he decided that was a bad idea. He could drop his skull and loose it in the fast moving water. It still had worms all over it. He carried it with a stick and then later with fallen leaves. We boiled it when we got home.

I'm really grateful for our afternoon together. It was really special for us both. We saw two other mother and son hikers as well. We also saw lots of dogs with their owners. It was so neat to see many others happy to be out on a lovely and rare day this fall. We've had a windy, rainy, cool fall.

Love to all!


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