Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Full moon Saturday night

It was a gorgeous full moon on Saturday!!! Holden has fun looking through his two telescopes. He keeps this one set up in his room and brings it out whenever he feels like it. A sweet friend gave it to us last month. Seeing the moon through a telescope is a lot different than I expected. It was a first for us all. I am not feeling very articulate at the moment. I am sure you can imagine it (moon) looked like a huge bright light, basically.

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. However, I am still trying to adjust to the fading daylight hours, cool weather, rainy and gloomy days, and all the extra indoor time.

Appreciating the little things like the full moon, cuddle time, our new rat daughters, and changing interests and activities is a good way to stay positive. Some days that can be difficult. Cliff is already tired of writing papers and homework though. He was under the weather this week and now I am feeling a little icky too. But I am sure I will be better soon.

The changing seasons and moon always keep life interesting and fill me with gratitude for the past and future.

Love to all and happy fall!


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