Thursday, October 22, 2009

Beautiful boys and our day yesterday

Tuesday night and Wednesday I spent basking in the glory of these cuties! I didn't get any pictures of their beautiful mom! :O( I realized that today as she was cooking eggs in my kitchen, getting ready to go. I thought she would have died laughing, if I had taken her photo while cooking eggs. I hope to see them again in the future. They are moving to Florida from Seattle. They are now with family in MN for a few weeks.

We feel so grateful our kids were able to see their friends again from the LIFE is Good conference in May. We tried to visit them in Seattle when we were there, but it didn't work out. Camden and Holden loved having them and their dog here for a day and a half.

It was so exciting for them to see leaves when they were here because where they are going today will be bare. But the trees will be bare here soon as well. It has been raining for about 24 hours and our front yard is covered in leaves. What a sight!

We took them to Walnut Woods State Park since it was close by. The temp was perfect and the boys had a great time, and didn't mind getting a little muddy by the river. They made some forts and would have stayed there all afternoon. It was neat to see their dad studying the rocks and explaining them to the kids. But I had a chicken roasting in the oven and I wanted to get all the hungry ones fed. When we got back to the car they woofed down all the snacks in the car. And by they, I mean the dogs too. Those funny girls!

So we returned home to see Cliff was back from school and happy to see us. The roasted chicken and veggies were yummy. Soon after Cliff and I left for a movie then dinner afterward. It was our 14th wedding anniversary yesterday. We had a wonderful date! I'm so grateful our friends insisted we go on our date. We had a great time. We were sad to see them go, but so excited for them. They have made some hard choices to better their family. I can't wait to catch up with them one day, and swim with manatees in Florida, where they are moving.

Love to all!!!


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