Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wake me up before you go

This morning I woke up thinking about my cousin. I wish so much that I could talk to him one more time (me and many others). It is so hard not to think of him. I am not feeling pity for myself. Just stating a fact. It was really healing to go to his memorial service. The message was very healing itself as well. We talked to old friends of his, ex-girlfriends, and co-workers from years gone by. We talked to family members we don't see often too.

We went to the after gathering as well. The best part was seeing my boys and my cousin's daughter (2) play in the sunroom at my cousin's dad's house. My sister and husband were there and loved that too. On the way home we drove past our old stomping grounds in Houston. Our old house looked really nice. Both boys were still awake and got to see it as well.

The thing I took away most from all this is to love my boys and see that all people need love and to be happy. When life looses its importance, we need to take a step back and find out why. Then make some changes. Not check out....unless you are dying or something. There are always options. Call a close friend and brainstorm. Call someone when you are frustrated and feeling stuck. Leave the house when the anger gets too intense. Those are things I am really good at now. It always seems to help.

Love to all! And please wake me up anytime you feel like going, permanently. Seriouly! Now I am off to play with my youngest. We've already found some black widows outside, seen hummingbirds, and deer. It is going to be 95 out today in the Houston area. I'm going outside again before it heats up worse.



Snavleys said...

I do believe that gratitude is at the center of happiness. I know there are mental conditions that people have little control over but it helps so much to wake up every day and write down things that you are thankful for- helps keep things in perspective. I'm so sorry for your loss Heather!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

it is funny how being grateful makes such a difference!!! i love it!!!