Friday, September 11, 2009

Machinima anyone???

Holden is making a list of things he is seriously interested in. Machinima film making is something he wants to learn in the next year. I am excited for him. I found a site that lists programs needed, but they are quite pricey programs. Does anyone out there know how to do machiniman film making and what is the least expensive route? He wants to use World of Warcraft as the base for his short films. I am willing to help him. I know this could be a very slow learning process, but one worth looking into now. We watched part of a tutorial a machinimist, Oxhorn, gives on Youtube. Blizzard Entertainment (WoW) supports machinima through contests. We also got on I will email them, if needed.

If anyone out there knows how to get started, please let us know. Links would be great! Thanks!



Hilary said...

Our kids have been making due video taping the TV. Does that count as "ghetto machinima"? lol I'm guessing not.

We've been able to find some free or very inexpensive alternatives to other programs online. What programs are you looking for?

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I offered Holden my camera to make videos. But he is really interested in making machinimas. Machinima is a type of film making that uses video games. There are certain programs that are needed. I am not sure which ones we need or which ones are the cheapest. I have ordered a book through our local library called 'Machinima for Dummies." I am guessing that will answer a lot of questions.

He is at the age that he is interested in something one week and not the next. So I am leary about spending a lot of $$$.

Hilary said...

I meant, they play a game, move their characters around and do voice overs while filming the TV. They've been having so much fun (despite those annoying black bars) that I never really thought of taking it to the next level, but I know our kids would love it. :)

Great resource thread that lists several free programs:

I think some of the pay ones have free trials too, so you could try it out and see if he likes it before spending a bundle. I know how that is ... I'm the same way. lol

Funny sidenote, I was at and the kids said, "Hey, what are you doing there?" and started telling me about all the things I should check out. lol Now we're looking up capture cards.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Thanks for the free trial idea. He asked me about it again today. I am waiting on the "Machinima for Dummies" book to see what programs we should try out.

I love all the places life takes us in a day! Kudos to you and your family, Hilary!