Monday, September 14, 2009

Kids! Gotta love 'em---messes, noise, and all!

I LOVE MY KIDS! Yes, I do! I am posting these photos to show a balanced view of life with kids. They are cool as heck! They have made me a better person and made me strive to be a more gentle, kind, and loving wife to their dad. They are also loud, messy, and cute as heck when they pass out from moving at the speed of light all day.

The pillow fort was at my sister's in Texas. It always drives her crazy, but they have the most comfy couch EVER and so many pillows for fort making. Thanks, Sis and Brian for your patience and yummy food when we visit!!!! The video is to demonstrate the fun sounds we hear everyday. Lately, we have been blessed with a whistle too. Camden loves that thing. We thought it was just a cool little mini light for a keychain. And then the smart little guy figured out it was a special whistle too.

The mud balls are currently on the back of my house. I won't mention any names, but there they are for all the world to admire. This isn't the first time my house (or a house near ours) has been given such honor.

I love you guys!!!! You make my life complete and I am so happy to have you all in my life, messy, noise, and all your other charms.

Peace to all!!!!

~Heather (a.k.a Mom)

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Woodsykris said...

FANTASTIC outlook on what others would think terrible. Our thoughts create our happiness and you certainly have your thoughts aligned with positivity! Lucky kids and hubby to have such a committed mother/partner.