Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cool stuff about being Holden's mom

Today at the apple orchard we picked up some candy apples to buy. The sign said $2 each. We took three (one for each of my boys and one of their friends with us). Without batting an eye Holden (will be 8 in December) knew it would cost $6. It was so cute. No one asked him, he just blurted that out. I know it is something he should know anyway, but it is still so awesome to hear things like that from him. He rocks my world with his enthusiasm for learning. We've been talking a lot about letters and words a lot more than usual, just for fun. I love it when he says stuff like there are two S's in Shellas (a player of his on a game). He says cool stuff all the time that show me other things he is aware of. He pointed out yards (measure) to me today. He asked how many inches are in a mile. So I looked it up for him. I didn't try to turn it into a lesson. He didn't ask how to come to that answer. He loves asking those kinds of questions. I am so tickled with his quest for knowledge and other areas of life. And just now he told me 5+3+2=10. He doesn't tell me these things for any reason, just to say it. I don't go nuts on the praising. It is just part of our life. Kids learn. We are learning all the time. We love it. They love it. There is no forgetting what we learn, because love it. I don't need to give pop quizzes or test to see what they know. I'm here with them and I am aware. I love taking out the middle man. Sorry economy! And I am not worried about them not learning what they need. That is impossible. When people love life and learning they will always learn whatever they need. No one needs to be forced into learning when they are living lives they enjoy.

P.S. What we do is totally legal. We have filed out papers with the school district and we have a supervising teacher. Just in case you're worried about us. Lots and lots of others have paved the way for us. Grateful to them and their grown, amazing children!!!


Woodsykris said...

So FUNNY: It's legal! Yes, I had someone ask me that about taking the kidz on the road. People are so uneducated about the education system.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Sounds like you got a great plan going to fund your travel!!! I am so happy for you, Kris (I read your blog profile)!

Hilary said...

He sounds so much like Lian! I wonder what the boys would do if they got together more often? Wow one another with their math wizardry? ;)

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Math WIZARDS rule! And there aint nothing geeky about it, Hilary. Yay!!!