Monday, September 21, 2009

"College without High School" by Blake Boles

Teens and parents: PLEASE stop what you are doing and go HERE to listen to Blake Boles' radio interview. Blake is the author of College Without High School, a guidebook for getting into 4-year colleges and universities as a self-educated teen. This interview will change your life and is packed with some great information, whether you get the book or not. He gives teens ideas on how to approach parents about being self-educated and many other fabulous ideas.

Blake Boles Dot Com bio:
After a traditional public school upbringing and halfway through an astrophysics major at UC Berkeley, Blake read a John Taylor Gatto book and immediately rearranged his major to exclusively study the wide world of alternative education. He has worked as a snowboard instructor, academic tutor, marketing researcher, chef, outdoor science teacher, freelance web designer, homeschool mentor, and windsurfing instructor. He spends time living in both California and Oregon.
To buy his book:
It is also on Amazon.

I'm really excited about this and wish Cliff and I had this resource about 20 years ago. Go out and make your dreams come true.

~Heather ♥x♥x


Hilary said...

Great resource, Heather. Thanks!

Blake Boles said...

I appreciate the warm comments! Thanks!


Heather's Moving Castle said...

I am always happy to spread the word about something too good to ignore!!!!