Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Having a ball here

I'm working on some real life interests and dreams the kids have been asking for help with. We're getting a telescope for $5 (thanks for the help, Laura)! Yeeha! And we're going to pick up a trampoline tomorrow. And I think I found an electric guitar and amp for Holden on Craigslist for really cheap.

Life is going awesome here. Just been busy and in the moment. Right now I am trying to help Holden figure out something on World of Warcraft. This morning I donated plasma. I made $30 and I was only away from home for 2.5 hours. I usually make $20 or $25, but I got a bonus today. I go twice a week and it feels really good to do something that saves lives.

Love to all!

~Heather :O)


Lifedreamed said...

lol - don't thank me till it is in hand! I am going to see if I can pick it up tomorrow evening on our way home from watching Bandslam.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

O.k. we'll do, Laura! Have fun tonight!!! I got busy today. I was going to offer to call him again.


Lifedreamed said...

I am set to pick it up at 2pm tomorrow.