Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cicadas, toads, trampoline, and banner

Our summer is still on target:

The trampoline is still a big hit! Cliff and I even enjoy jumping on it.

The boys found some lovely new friends at Walnut Woods the two times we've been this week. Camden's sharp eyes spotted the beautiful cicadas which had just emerged from their old skin. He was so enthusiastic about it that he notified all the people around us. A young woman was there with some friends and came to see them. She was in awe. She thanked us for showing them to her because she had never seen them. And a few minutes later she came back with a little toad. Then we all hiked down to the river beach area and found more toads while we just hung out on a gorgeous summer day.

The Not Back to School Banner is complete for the picnic tomorrow. We are very excited and even hopeful that the rain will stay to the south of us. The picnic is something we have enjoyed over the years and is very important to our family. We have met a lot of really neat people through these gatherings and appreciate the support we have found there over the years. It means we are not alone in our quest to live each day to the fullest without school--although some people who homeschool end up with kids in school at some point in time and they still come to the picnic. We try really hard to except other people's choices and paths. Not everyone is on the same road.

Every day is a new adventure! We are learning a lot about our relationships and how to get along with other people. We are finding life to be very wonderful most of the time although not every moment is perfect. And that is o.k. too.

Peace to all...


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Frank said...

Trampoline sounds like a lotta fun!