Saturday, August 29, 2009

Being at home is wonderful

Right now being home is so comforting. Cliff goes back to school full-time in a few days. I've been trying to get myself to pack to go to Texas. But so far there is no date set for the memorial service for my cousin. My aunt does not need me right this minute either. She is getting a lot of support. I am guessing the memorial service for my cousin will be in a week or more. It is very complicated b/c of the circumstances of his death and the death of his wife.

Being at home is feeling really great right now. The kids are excited about going to see family though. They would have been fine with leaving today or even tomorrow. We are having a very fun day here. I made fudge. I talked on the phone with family and my sister. The kids are playing with friends and it is a beautiful fall like day here.

So I don't know exactly what day we are leaving or how long I will be gone. Just trying to take each moment as it comes and focus on the happy things in life.

Love to all and thanks for your support! I haven't been replying to comments as I would like. I am giving myself permission to just be in the moment and not stress.


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Snavleys said...

I can't even imagine your grief right now. Sending lots and lots of loving, healing energy your way girl!