Friday, July 17, 2009

What lies?

Yesterday I made some time to center myself and realized I haven't been too good at that lately. I was reading my signed Scott Noelle "Daily Groove" book, and re-read something I had read before on the daily emails I get from him about enjoying parenting. I realized I had been telling myself some lies and got so focused on those, the past week that it was getting hard to enjoy being a mom. Today I am practicing looking at my beautiful children and seeing them for the wonderful and talented people they are and not their behaviors. It is good to shift my focus. I am good at getting centered, just let myself get out of practice.

I won't even go into the negative mantras I was stuck in. Just glad I am un-stuck right now. We have some fun plans today and tomorrow that we are excited about.

Holden and I went on a bike ride this morning and saw a school of bull head swimming in the pond. The weather is beautiful and I am feeling so grateful for another lovely day with my boys and awesome hubby!!!!

Love to all!



juliecache said...

big hug to you! you're awesome.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Thanks! I wish I was perfect all the time. I would rather be honest and say to the world, I am not. And I will never give up. Being the perfect human and mother does not come natural to me. LOL. I have to work really hard at anything I do. I know I'm getting better at least. I model begin human, not perfect. :O)