Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Never a dull moment in Montana

Our day was pretty fun. We were going to go fishing, but we were up late last night and Holden slept till 11:30 today. Then Camden took a rare nap at 3pm. So we rode bikes around the neighborhood, went to see baby chics, saw some deer in a field, played WoW, ate and ate, played with the turtle, laundry, hung out with cool neighbor girl, fed horses across the street every few hours, went up the hill to the school playground, played with the cat, ordered a/c part, and various other things.

We're excited about being here and having a good time with our friends. They had to work today, but we had fun with them after work. If we're really lucky we're going to a 10,000 acre ranch near here to visit friends at the end of the week.

On our way here from Washington we saw an Eagle's nest and the views through the mountain pass were awesome. It was almost like the Grand Canyon. I can't even imagine what Yellowstone will be like.

All our best. We are going to sleep. I'll edit this in the morning.


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Snavleys said...

That sounds like a perfect day:)