Sunday, May 31, 2009

LIFE is Good Talent Show 2009

I'm playing catch up and think I am caught up now. A few videos from LIFE is Good can be found here:

Motley Penguins (Maier Family)
Speckled Frogs
The Winklers
Hoe Down group act
Gloria Song
Author, Scott Noelle's daughter singing a really pretty song.

I am feeling so thankful to have been there!!!! All the other happy memories are in my soul. There were lots of cool experiences. There were at least 400 other folks there and lots of joy everywhere. Our new bumber sticker from the conference and friendly reminder: "Unschooling for a better TODAY. Yeah, learning in freedom everyday is not as easy at is would seem. But it is well worth it.

~Heather xoxoxo

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