Sunday, June 7, 2009

The log cabin school museum in Plains, MT

Notice the teacher's arm is a yard stick. Camden and the twins had fun playing in the museum for about half an hour. I had fun watching their imaginations at work. I didn't try to direct them at all. I just watched and let them do their own thing. The girls dressed up and played and played. Camden refused to take a photo with the dunce cap on. Smart boy! One of the dummies was placed head down position (think sleeping on desk). It was quite amusing to see how the old school house was portrayed. Cliff and I have had a lot of talks about how schools are now and ways teachers control kids to keep kids in line. He talks about ways he was controlled that didn't make sense (like how he couldn't sit still and stay quiet--so was kept out of recess). Kids are seriously misunderstood and not treated well now and then in many cases. It is ironic that Cliff is studying to get his teaching degree. He is not sure he will ever work in a classroom though. He will most likely use his four year degree to do other types of work. He is loving being on the road and we are having a great time. For all this I am truly grateful and happy!!! I just wish all kids and families could be free of schools and parents who misunderstand and control them. Not that we don't misunderstand our kids, but we do try to hear them and respect them and other kids. It is well worth it. We've gained a lot of awesome friends, young and old--and our kids like to be with us. And we like to be with them too.

Love to all you folks out there.



Anonymous said...

OK, Sis! Did u ever see that movie where the whole town was made of wax? Paris Hilton is in it. That is exactly what this creepy lil school house reminds me of!!!! Do u remember that school house in Arkansas that was next to the cemetary? We use to walk to it from our relatives house, I think. This is just reaaallly a scary site for me!! I don't like dummies at all. (NO PUN) Hugs, H

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Yeah, it looks really creepy in photos, huh, Sis? Glad you said it and not me. lol. No I don't remember the school house in Arkansas?? I must have some blocked memories from our childhood. :O)

Wildly Cam said...

Hiya, Heather!

I am a fellow unschooler, and just wanted to say that we experienced the same uhh...questionable means of punishment just three short years ago with my son's first grade teacher. She would take away his recess because of his excess energy during classtime. I asked her one day, "And that makes sense, how exactly?" There was a great disturbance in the force after that day! ha!

We've been unschooling since December 2007, and I would give anything to have known about it earlier that that. I am loving the freedom and good times we are having again. My family is so happy! Life is so good!

Nice to *meet* you!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Hi Wildy Cam~

Nice to meet you too! So glad you found unschooling and you are out of the negative environment at that school.

Enjoy your adventures. :O)

~Heather :O)