Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lewis and Clark Caverns photos

We went to the the Lewis and Clark Caverns located at the Lewis and Clark State Park between Butte and Bozeman on Monday. The caverns were really cool. It is a two hour hike total, and it was quite the hike. The tour was VERY fascinating though. Probably not geared toward tired four year olds, but we made it.

The tour guide did a fabulous job! We were in a group with about 20 other people. They do tours every half hour during the summer, so it is a big attraction. Both boys did enjoy the tour, although it lasted longer than they would have liked. We saw a few sleeping bats as we entered the caverns. It was very cool.

After we left the caverns we made our way to Belgrade, MT to meet some fellow unschoolers (Heather and David and three boys) who were also at the LIFE is Good conference in May. We got to their house about six and really enjoyed meeting them and getting to know them a bit. They offered us a comfy place to land for the night to make a fresh start for Yellowstone the next morning. We plan to meet up with them again!

As soon as I get a chance I will blog about our Yellowstone adventures this week. It was cold there at night (32 degrees), but it was comfortable during the day with our sweatshirts on. Our tent was awesome and all went well. I have lots of neat pictures to share.

Love to all!!!
~Heather xoxox

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