Friday, May 22, 2009

Rested up

I'm all rested up this morning and slept great! Must have been the glass of wine I shared with the Holcombs and Laura Miller??? I'm going to the walk/jog with others this morning and to Yoga with Heidi Snavley this morning. Boys are in bed. I loved listening to Ren Allen and Mary talk yesterday. Ren made me cry b/c her talk (Imperfect Perfection?) was so moving. She talked about her mom's death and other things in life that are tough, but all part of the process. It is all messy, but beautiful. Kev Snavley was cool too. I met Rain Fordyce in the bathroom. lol. She is soooo sweet. She knew who I was too. :O) Tonight is the Amy Steinberg concert. Can't wait. Kids are in love with everything and everyone. Soooo grateful for this experience and to have my hubby here too.

Love to all!

~Heather :O)


inconsequentia said...

just checking up on you, m'dear. you rock. reading your blog always makes me jealous; thanks for being you.


kelli said...

Awesome! you got to do yoga with Heidi! Can't wait to see pics from the con and hear more :)