Thursday, May 21, 2009

Beyond excited

We are at the Red Lion Hotel in Vancouver, WA. All is going great. The conference is getting ready to gear up. We are waiting for the current conference in the lobby to finish so we can move into the meeting rooms for our event. Everyone is all over talking, hanging out in the lobby, pool, rooms, hallways. It is amazing. Both boys woke up early to hang with friends. You can't even imagine how excited they are to be here. Everyone is awesome and soooo cool. The pool is outside, but heated. It is a beautiful and sunny day. Holden is playing WoW with a friend, Alex. His room is below ours. Camden is off with Cliff somewhere. I am relaxing for a bit. We woke up early. We plan to have a really fun day at the conference. Only one glitch so far: our a/c went out on the Suburban. Hoping it is nothing too expensive.

Love to all. Wish you were here, if you are not.



zamozo said...

Yay! Say "Hi" to Schuyler for me!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I did on Wednesday. :O) They are soooo awesome!!!!

Alex Polikowsky said...

Last time I thought my AC had broken I had the termostat all the way up together with the AC.
I was soooo happy when I realized that my AC was still good.
I hope its something easy or something like what happened to me!