Sunday, April 12, 2009

What a precious life

Bet you didn't know I actually have five sons, not two. Well, not really. But sometimes it seems like it!!! We often have neighbor friends over and they are really awesome. You can see one them in these photos from the weekend. They make me feel like a million bucks and my boys love it too. Camden spends a lot of time at his friends' house as well. Holden is content to be here with his friends. He says his friends say our house is the coolest. We did a lot of goofing around this weekend. We roasted stuff over the fire pit and invited the neighbor boys to eat with us. It was a lot of fun. Their dad watched us and visited with us, too. I invented a new drink that they all loved. It was zingy lemon herbal tea, squeezed lemons, honey, brown sugar, and a little grape juice over ice.

With any luck we will be going on a little road trip this week to pick up our second vehicle. We are so excited!!!! Having one vehicle all winter was a lot harder than I expected. It worked out o.k., but I don't want to do it again.

Hubby and I are getting restless for our trip next month. It can't get here soon enough!!!! We are very excited about all the adventures we will have. We will all come home with a new outlook on life and a renewed sense of purpose for our lives. I know it will be a life changing experience at the Life Is Good Conference and Yellowstone. Plus we hope to see family and we will really enjoy that a lot.

Peace and hugs,
Heather xoxox

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