Monday, April 27, 2009

Update on poo free, neti pot, and trip planning

I am excited to say I have been shampoo free for over six months now. I do use conditioner on my ends, but the apple cider vinegar (half water mix) does help soften my hair too. I still use baking soda every day on my scalp. I have to be sure to rinse it well, and not use too much.

I am also really happy to say I have been using my neti pot daily for about 5 months. Now that it is spring I see a lot of people complaining of sinus trouble, itchy eyes, and itchy throat. I used to use eye drops for itchy eyes and allergy meds on a daily basis. I have had no need for either now. I highly recommend searching youtubes. There are quite a few videos on there about neti pots. I believe most drug stores now sell neti pots. It tooks me a few times before I got the hang of mine. Watching the youtubes helped me a lot as well. It seemed really weird at first, but now that I am totally med free, I don't think it is weird at all. I am annoyed that I didn't have one when I was a teen and had lots of on-going sinus problems from age 11 to 36.

We are working on a lot of things here for our trip in less than 3 weeks. We will be gone for at least a month. A friend is going to house sit/dog sit. I have a lot of planning to do as well. We want to be sure we are all set when we are ready to roll out of here. Hopefully I will be able to blog at least every 4-5 days. I will need to upload photos, etc. to Flickr as well.

We are also dealing with a few annoying things that have to get taken care of. However, we are feeling really grateful to have such a cool life. Our a/c is not working in the house. But it is nothing serious. And we have some fun things to do this week as well.


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