Thursday, April 16, 2009

No happiness deprivation going on here

Bob Collier from (A must-subscribe newsletter about AP and Unschooling) just posted this quote:

"Unschooling parents do not abdicate parental responsibility. They do not
deprive their children of their protection and care, but they do go far beyond
most parents, now or historically, in choosing support of freedom over parental
control and convenience, as they offer real choices in an environment that does
not focus on limiting a child's options, but provides nearly boundless
opportunity." - Pamela Sorooshian

I am not a public school hater. But I am a life lover. Just passing on my passion for life and love of children's options.

Happiness is everywhere!!!
~Heather xoxox

P.S. Thanks, Alex for passing this on!!!!

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Snavleys said...

I'm kind of on the public school hater end of the spectrum:) That's a great quote, love it!