Monday, March 16, 2009

Up, Up, & Away!

I have some vivid memories of kite flying over the years. There's something magical about watching a kite take off into the air. I've learned a lot about kite flying over the years. Too much wind is a bad thing with a cheap diamond kite. And not enough wind is a bad thing as well. And today we experienced a lot of shifting wind. That made it a challenge to keep Holden's new dragon kite up. Cliff could not get the dragon kite up and I had to step in to show them how it is done. LOL. Camden has a really cool nylon star kite. But he wants a dragon kite or a dinosaur kite. The star kite stays up so easily. It is awesome!

I bought these nylon kites on sale at Target a few weeks ago and put them in the garage for a perfect day. When I told Camden (4) about them today he went nutso excited! And he loved kite flying today. It has been a tradition every spring to buy the 2.99 or less special for the season and go kite flying a few times until summer. So this year seemed a little more special when I found these kites on sale. I hope we can use these new ones for many years to come.

There's a place we sometimes go in our neighborhood, but today we went to soccer field off of County Line Road in Des Moines. It is so hard sometimes to find the perfect spot. We seem to have better luck at this field than in our neighborhood. My favorite memories of kite flying have been at the beach at the Gulf of Mexico as a kid, and with my own kids, and when I was a kid in Houston, Texas. There's nothing better than kite flying on a beach. The winds are perfect for it.

I will say some of the most stressful moments of my life as a mom have been taking both boys to fly kites without help. It is much easier when their dad is there. lol. So I was grateful he was with us today.

Happy day to all!