Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lucky duckys

We had some awesome luck here today. We made it to the parade. It was a beautiful day to celebrate spring with fellow humans out looking for joy! Cliff dropped us off at park day on the way home. All the friends we were expecting to see were there. It was great to be with friends, and see my kids enjoying themselves; even if they were tired out. We saw a family of deer running through the park. What a cool site! I hope they found a safe refuge.

When we got home my sink had been delivered and was in perfect condition! Yippee! Just gotta wait on the counter top now. This evening Camden and I went to fly his new nylon pterodactyl kite. The winds were just perfect for it! It was a wonderful day. When we got home Holden had a friend over. Then later we all cuddled up to watch a vampire movie a friend recommended. It was a good day. Now Camden and I are playing Toon Town.

I'm taking nothing for granted. I hope your day was fabulous too!

Love and laughter,
Heather xoxox

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