Friday, February 6, 2009

Spring fever, fun, and food!

We are in the 50s today and it is bright and sunny here AGAIN (has been a lot this winter)! Yippee! My windows and floors are now cleaner. All our snow is melting and the ground is mudeeeee. My neighbor boys were out of school today and one of them even scooped doggy poop for me...of course I paid him. We were jamming out to "totally 80s" at lunch and then other music after that. We munched on fresh pineapple, fruit smoothies, and cauliflower. They helped me sweep too. Their parents called to see if they could stay here while they went to run an errand. We do that a lot for each other. Good neighbors are wonderful!

When hubby gets home I am going on a long walk with the dog. I walked her last night too. She is so awesome to take on walks. Tonight I am going to be doing the "peace treaty" with Rain in Oregon.

Tomorrow we have someone coming over to give estimates on cabinets. I am so excited! Still so excited, I should say!

It hasn't been too terrible just sharing one car! It has given me a chance to get some things done around here and just be with the kids. I even did one of my Pilates dvds in the living room vs basement this morning before both boys were awake. It feels good to move.

No photos to share! I have one more thing I want to go do before hubby gets home from school. I hope you're out spreading joy in your corner of the world.

Heather xoxox

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