Monday, February 16, 2009

Poor, poor wonderful [NOT Pitiful] me

Does anyone know the country song, "Poor, Poor Pitiful me"? I remember singing [Linda Ronstadt version from 1977] that song at the top of my lungs with my best friend. She had a record player and the 45 vinyl record of that song. I don't really remember the words now. Little did I know back in 1979 that the chorus of that song would/could be the story of my life:

Poor poor pitiful me
Poor poor pitiful me
Oh these boys won't let me be
Lord have mercy on me
Woe woe is me

But at least the story of my life can be re-written anytime I want it to. I can chose my story with my thinking by changing my attitude and outlook. I have two boys and a husband I adore and want to be the best for. I love myself and want to be my best for me.

My head is like a battle ground sometimes. Happy me vs. pity party me play tug of war with my thoughts and emotions. With practice and awareness I conquer my inner demons. Today and most other days I feel like I am winning the happy war. I have to keep my rose colored glasses on or my inner demons will take over. When I put on my rose colored glasses I am more aware of the broken records playing my head, and I change the record to a happier tune. I know it seems like just another silly country song, or idiom I am clinging to. But see if this seems familiar:

Pity party me:
This cold/hot weather sucks! I want to go outside and not freeze/melt/sweat! [Pick your current situation.] The world sucks today and no one loves me. I have no money and I am in deep in debt. Let's go shopping. It will make me feel better. Or I am already fat. Let's eat some more. It will make me feel better. I hate myself for being depressed.

Happy me:
Spring is almost here. It is a sunny day and if I put warm clothes on and go out at least it is not a blustery day out. Or Fall is almost here and I won't sweat to death. I have money in the bank. My life is great. I am paying down debt/debt free. I am not going to go shopping to feel better. I don't need new shoes/clothes/beauty products/new car/house/furniture/cell phone. I have all I need. I am satisfied. I want to be my best. I am going for a walk/swim/hike/bike ride/to do yoga. You fill in the blank. I want to feel good and look good, for me! I love me and remind myself every day that I am loved and deserve love in return from myself and others.

Pity party me:
The house is a mess and I don't want to clean it right now. Kids feed on my negative vibes and we all have a horrible day. Hubby comes home, senses our nasty vibes, and soon we all hate living here. No one wants to come over or be here.

Happy me:
I put on some music, ask for a little help from the kids. They see I am having fun and join me for a bit. Hubby/wife comes home and we all have a great night. We all feed on our our happy vibes. Neighbor kids come over and share our happiness. We like being here. I make new friends easily and spread our joy to everyone I meet.

Pity party me:
No one loves me attitude. You fear the worst attitude. Everyone avoids you. People you run into are in a bad mood too. Nothing goes your way. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong today. Like attracts like. Negative draws in negative. You turn on the news, read the paper, listen to sad songs to feel justified in your beliefs or by mistake and it compounds your bad day or horrible life. If you are truly grieving for something, let yourself grieve and get it over with. Don't use it an excuse to ruin your life or have a pity party for the next five years. Write your grief(s) down then burn the paper, rip it up, and vow to move on, forgive, ask for forgiveness, etc. Make little goals to get to where you want to be.

Happy me:
The world is wonderful, beautiful, and kind. Every song on the radio or on your MP3 player resonates with your good fortune. I smile at everyone I meet and they smile back. I have car trouble and nice strangers help me. I visualize happy endings and they appear. If something disappointing happens I turn it into a positive [you can insert the make lemonade idiom here, if you are corny like me].

Many people all over the world already practice staying positive, law of attraction, and other ways of looking at the bright side. And if you want to learn more about how all this really works Google "Law of Attraction" to read more. Here are some ideas I found and enjoyed:

Laughter is one of the most effective ways to create true positive vibrations that will attract great things into your life. Laugh and smile as often as possible, and positive things will start to happen for you!

You have to stop focusing on the negative things in your life right now! Remember, the Law of Attraction works both ways. Whether you focus on something negative, or something positive, you will receive something out of that attraction - whether you want it or not. So, if you focus on something negative in your life - work, family, health, whatever - you are guaranteed to attract more of it!

Feel good even when you don't FEEL like feeling good. In fact, the more you don't want to be positive, the greater the need for you to BE positive! When life has you down and all you want to do is curl into a ball and hide - that is when you need positive energy the most. Even if you have to take baby steps to work your way back into the light - DO IT!


Our thoughts are our reality. We can change: our present state of mind, relationships, world, and broken records in our head just by choosing to change the way we think and see the world. There are some things we can't change. But we each have special talents and the power to be

better than we are today. By changing our thinking we can change our health, finances, mental state, basically anything we put our mind to. I believe in you and I believe in myself. We can do it!

Love and laughter to all!

Poor, poor wonderful me! xoxox

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zamozo said...

Love this and just want to say that adjusting one's attitude works even if they don't believe in the Law of Attraction.

juliecache said...

i love this post. you are a rock star.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Thank you both!! I love being me. I wouldn't have thought my life would be what it is today. But I love it!! I always thought I'd be a career woman with kids in school. LOL. Glad it didn't work that way! Honestly I wasn't sure I would be a good mom or want kids. I'm glad I did have them though. They are the light of my life.

Wheelchair Mama said...

Thank you for this--you are a beautiful person.