Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm not ready for this!

My baby is spending the night at his best friend's house tonight. We swapped one kid each for the night. Camden is staying there and one of theirs is staying here. Camden was totally fine with staying at his friend's and his friend has stayed her before. But I am missing my baby so much. I'm going to kiss him and hug him when he gets home in the morning. I trust the family he is staying with and they trust us. But it is still so hard to let go...

I better get used to it though. He is very social and busy. I know both my boys will be off with their own lives soon enough. They say they want to live with us forever, but I know life has big things in store for them. I support them and love them so much.

Happy Valentine's Day friends and family out there! Hugs and kisses from us to you! Love those babies and kiss your spouses.

~Heather xoxox

(Photos of Camden (4.5) sleeping on the couch. He passed out during a movie we were watching and another day while we were still up doing our thing. He has jelly on his face in the top photo. We call him "jelly man.")

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