Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another blog award! ;o)

My lovely, exotic friend Alex in Minnesota tagged me with this blog award. Thanks Alex! I am supposed to name 6 Things that make me happy:

1. My human and animal children! They show me how to laugh, live, and love to the fullest!
2. My husband! He supports unschooling and me being with the boys full time. That is a gift! He is present and dedicated to us.
3. My family and friends bring me so much happiness. I love you all!!! I know you're there for me no matter what.
4. Movies. Movies make me smile. I love any movie with a happy ending. I'm so grateful for those!
5. Nature. I love being outside. I love springtime sights and smells. I love summer sun, and fall foliage. I love sunrises and sunsets. They warm my soul any time of the year. I love creatures of all sizes and marvel at them.
6. Food and drinks. I love hot soups on winter days and cold smoothies any time of the year! I love in-season apples, and miss them so much right now! Everyone knows I love apples.

I am passing this award onto three people who I have not given an award to yet. I have another award to blog about and I will try to pass it on to people I have not given an award to yet either, and who have not been given the same award. That can be tough to do! All the people who have been given awards by me should know they are forever tagged. You can play along, if you want. I still read and love your blogs!!

1. Sean from Portable Parents. He has been posting some awesome stuff about his new life south of the U.S. He went from a conventional life in the N.E. U.S. to full-time traveler with his wife and kids. I have a dream to travel full-time and for sure to south America one day!!
2. RJ from robog21. RJ is my brother from Maine who is now in Boston. His posts always make me smile and he is a real character. He is too busy lately to blog, but I still have him listed on my blog list. Maybe one day he may let the world in on his life a little more.
3. Johnny from Life and Times of a Bearded Weirdo. Johnny is a cousin in Austin. His blog is all about food. He is a produce manager at a health food store in Austin, TX. He is awesome and hilarious too!

Love and laughter to all!
~Heather xoxox

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