Friday, January 23, 2009

Yeast beasts and my favorite pot

Cliff is out of town tonight getting a friend from out of town, and I have some time to spare. I have been wanting to rave and thank all my friends who told me how much they love their neti pots! I was using allergy meds for about 20 years until I bought my neti pot last fall. Now I don't take any allergy meds. It has been the best thing ever for me. Even Cliff used it to get rid of a sinus infection. I can't believe I was skeptical. It seemed weird at first. I watched some youtube videos about how to use it and that helped a lot. I love using it before I do Yoga in the morning. It really makes a difference not to have to blow my nose 10 times during a stretch. And I don't wake up coughing at night any more. I used to have that allergy throat tickle. I guess you could say I'm a neti pot head. Camden (4) even wants one! This is a hilarious home made neti pot youtube video. There are quite a few neti pot videos on youtube. I'm looking forward to spring flowers and pollen more than ever this year!

Also, I have been having an embarrassing problem the past few months since I was in the hospital. I was on so many antibiotics that it gave me yeast problems. I finally broke down and bought myself some acidophilus capsules when I was at the chiropractor this week. He had some awesome acidophilus he keeps in his frig for patients to buy. I am feeling better already! I wish I would have dealt with this sooner.

Now I am off to neti and go to bed for a peaceful nights rest.

Hugs to my neti-pot-head friends!

~Heather xoxoxox


Vicki said...

you know what's cheaper and in my opinion, quicker, than the yogurt. I freeze plain yogurt in long skinny ice cube trays, and then insert one each night until cleared, usually 2-3 days. The yogurt costs about fifty cents and it's usually instant relief!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

You are one brave woman! I'll have to remember that trick next time.