Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh goodie! A blizzard is coming...

This is a short video I took in our backyard on Saturday. We got six inches of snow that night. We got a little more today and an Alberta clipper is going to be blowing through this afternoon and evening causing white out conditions. Cliff and I are sharing the one working car we have, and as soon as he gets home from classes I am going to run a few errands. It is going to be nasty cold here the rest of the week, so I am going to get prepared to veg out with the kids for a few days. We have to go to doggie school tomorrow night with Shadow and Cliff is going to Texas for a day for a class action law suit he is in. We started a snow fort yesterday and the kids and I have been getting out everyday. I have been walking the dog daily and getting used to the cold weather just fine. A little of a pain when a glove is missing, but we are surviving just fine. We have friends over a lot and never seem to have a lack of entertainment or learning going on.

All is well here and we are loving the snow! I'm getting good at snow shoveling since Cliff has been at school or the Navy Reserves when the driveway or walkway needs attention. And I don't mind doing it. I was sore the first day and very tired afterward. Enjoy seeing our snow video. ;)

Lots of love!


Karen said...

I love shoveling! (hmmm, one l or 2? oh well!) Once, last winter, a sweet neighbor came over after a big snow and started clearing our sidewalk. I had to get dressed quickly to get out there and do some before he cleared it all away. Weird, huh? I like to mow and sweep, too. I think it's the proof of accomplishment...kind of an instant gratification. Yep, good stuff! Cherish the memories!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

You're probably laughing at me, Karen! With all the snow we have here, we could be living in SD. Hope Reno is nice to you all!!! Can't wait to see where you go next!

FLO said...

How fun to wake up with all that snow! Your sons must be thrilled. I miss playing in it, so make a snowman for me!