Sunday, January 4, 2009

Are we there yet?

Yes, we're home. We had a fabulous reception waiting for us. We had pizza, WoW playing, karaoke singing, watched a movie and more tonight with the neighbors who house sat/dog sat for us. Shadow was really happy to see us, but not at all freaked out, like I had expected. We only had one fatality and that was Holden's Beta fish. The fish lived longer than we expected, so we didn't shed too many tears. Plus we still have Camden's Beta fish.

We are almost unpacked and mentally preparing to say goodbye to Cliff's grandma Wade tomorrow and Monday. She passed away on Thursday. It will be an emotional few days, but it has to be done. On top of it Cliff is going back to school on Monday. So, I am hoping to be patient and kind as we jump back into reality here.

Here are a few photos from the last leg of our trip:

Holden playing WoW at the hotel

Camden and Jewel at the chicken coop.

The boys at Zilker Park Nature Center Dino Dig and way overdressed. It was too hot for long sleeves that day, but they didn't care.

(Other photos: surprise passion flower blooms at my sister's house; visiting cousin my Johnny at work (Wheatsville Co-op where he is produce manager) in Austin---sampled some awesome fruit and got the tour of the 5M expansion plans; me and my grandma Maria (95); Cliff and boys at Zilker Park in Austin; Camden and darling cousin Yin in Austin).


Rachael said...

Tell Cliff we're sorry to hear about his grandma. Glad you guys had a good trip and made it home safe and sound. Talk to you soon.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Thank you! I will let him know. I am glad we made it home safely again. We are so grateful for that. And Cliff's grandma's timing was perfect, except we didnt get to say goodbye. But we get to remember her the way she was. Not a bad thing either.