Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No seven year itch here!

Holden will be 7 one week from today!!! I can't believe it! It was a gorgeous day out so we went outside for some sledding. I had fun watching the boys share the sled. We tried out all the hills on our block. It was a nice way to start the day. We are getting more snow tomorrow. I really need to get myself some boots and snow pants. Holden loves his new boots and snow pants that he got over the weekend. He has worn them a lot in the past few days. My birthday is the day before his. I may have to splurge on myself. I don't even know where to go to get a good deal on that stuff for adults? I have looked and looked at thrift stores this fall.

Now I am going to brag some more about my darling oldest child! We waited all day to play WoW because every Tuesday WoW does maintenance and all servers are down until 1pm CST. Well today we had to wait until 3pm. He had his heart set on making a new toon for himself--a Priest. He has a level 35 hunter that he loves. Friends came over today and they showed Holden how to play Kingdom of Loathing while we waiting on WoW to come up. When he was tired of KOL he got on WoW and made his new character, a priest, without any help. He started doing all the quests. He had done them before himself and several other times with Cliff and I when we made toons to play with him on WoW. He was leveling up very quickly on his own. I asked him how he knew what the quests were. He said he knew because he had done them before. Well that sounds reasonable, but I can't even memorize that well--there are lots of quests. And how did he know what character was a priest? He has friends on WoW that he adds to his group when they get on-line. He knows their names by sight when they pop up on the screen as on-line. He helps a lot of people with quests and gives money freely. He got on with me yesterday and went to the WoW auction house in Teladrissal to sell a rare item (cloak). He knew it was rare because Cliff and he have learned a lot about the game from other players on-line. They auction a lot to make money. I told him I didn't think he could sell the item for more than 50 silver. He insisted on listing it for 1 gold and 50 silver. He knew it would sell, and it did within 1 hour.

I'm so glad we are following our bliss here and having fun. My whole reason for sharing about Holden's WoW experience is that he says he can't read, but I know better. He is learning new words everyday, and having fun typing words and asking what it spells.

Camden's toe is better and he has been roller skating in the house a lot lately. The tea tree oil did the trick. I apply it when he is asleep. Nothing out of the ordinary is going on here. Just getting excited about our birthdays and sharing our joy with others.

Sending out love to the world!!! May you have food on your table and peace in your heart.



Sharon said...

Happy upcoming birthdays to you both!

I think games like WOW are great educational tools.....reading, cooperation, math, etc. And much more interesting than the old Dick and Jane books! :) Zoe just loves it WOW. I've never played and am at a complete loss when she talks about all of her quests and adventures.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Thanks for the b-day wishes! The math and number concepts learned is really cool! I am so glad I took the plunge with gaming. There is a lot to be learned. And it is so interesting. Not at all boring. There are some tedious moments when both kids need help at the same time though. LOL. But that is just life-- not due to gaming issues.

Snavleys said...

Isn't it amazing how "nothing out of the ordinary" can bring so much JOY? Ren posted a blog about bursting like a balloon with so much gratitude. It doesn't have to be MAJOR and EXCITING to make you want to burst like a balloon with joy and gratitude. It's about living meaningful lives. It is so healing for me to watch all these incredible children living the life of THEIR dreams!!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Snavleys~ It is pretty amazing to live the way we do! We don't hold Chistmas over their head all year as a reason to "be good." We live Christmas all year long. We try to live joyful lives everyday. And living Christmas isn't about presents. It's about presence. We try to show we care everyday. Not just when we feel like it or when the calendar says so.

Holden hasn't asked anything about Christmas gifts. He only told me he knows Santa is not real. He's known for a few years. And Camden wants a pocketknife and balloons. LOL. They both want to see family in Texas and go to Texas for Christmas.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!