Thursday, December 4, 2008

A first time for everything!

Just for fun we met with about a dozen or so other homeschooling kids and parents at an outdoor ice rink this afternoon in Des Moines. It was really chilly, but we had a lot of fun anyway. It was the first time I had been in about 18 years, and the first time for the boys. They really loved it and can't wait to do it again. Camden is a natural and even asked me to take a video. At first Holden was discouraged, but I told him it is just like when he was learning to roller skate. And before he knew it he had improved a lot and really enjoyed it. I had a good time seeing our friends from park day and watching them all improve in a short amount of time. I missed the poor guy that fell and bonked his head. I even missed seeing Camden's poor fingers on the ground and back up and stepped on his fingers (yes, with my ice skates on). That was not a shining moment either, but at least I didn't break his fingers. But all in all I can't wait to go again!

Peace and joy to all!

~Heather and family

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