Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holidays, birthdays, and new adventures--Oh my!

It is that time of year when we seem to hit critical mass. With two birthdays so close to Christmas, car woes, and family in Texas we hope to see, life couldn't be anymore interesting right now. Cliff is insisting we are going to Texas to see my family for Christmas break sometime after he takes his college finals. He knows if we stay here the kids and I will have cabin fever so badly by February that we will be intolerable. I can see his point, but my family is spread all over Texas, and it is so hard to juggle it all. I love seeing everyone, like the grandmothers especially.

If the stars align for us we will be taking off in about a week or so. With or without the dog is another question. It will be hard to leave her with neighbors for several weeks, but my heart hasn't told me if she is ready for the trip. I don't even know if I can handle the trip. LOL.

On a side note both boys want ice skates for Christmas. Oh brother. We went ice skating again yesterday and it was so crowded. I hate crowds like that, but we survived. Both boys want to go again today! LOL. Camden woke up puking last night and I was so tired from ice skating and staying up until midnight with them, I thought I was going to die. But he is fine this morning and full of his usual energy and asking to go ice skating. Funny how we got used to the cold after a few hours. The winds were really gusty and it was only about 15 degrees with the wind chill. The music was really awesome and it was neat to see so many people out on a Friday night at Des Moines' mini Rockerfeller Center, with lit Christmas trees. Cliff is working for the Navy today and having his car towed to the mechanic tonight.

All is well here. Just wondering what next week will bring! I have a follow up appointment on Tuesday with my gall bladder surgeon. I think I am doing fine. Still healing though. Tomorrow we have a roller skating birthday party for our guy Holden. He will be 7 on Tuesday. Exciting times I tell ya!!

Sending out much peace to all!


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