Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Missing Money? You could be and not even know it. =P

I just found a really cool website called missing And I found some missing money of my own! I found about $120 for my sister, Heidi, too. It is uncashed checks written to her several years ago. It is worth checking out. My mom had some unclaimed property (life insurance money) that someone alerted me about. So, my siblings and I will be requesting the money soon. It is a decent chunk. Each state is attached to this website and I am glad I found it because it is easier than going to each state's site to check for unclaimed property.

Here's the link and it is free and legit:

Don't forget to check under maiden names. That is where my missing money is from. And it is from almost 20 years ago, about 15 moves ago in another state. I also found a few hundred bucks my stepdad or his sister can claim. It was money for their father who is now deceased.

That is the excitement around here at the moment. Oh, and Cliff got his car back from the mechanic and it is making a knocking noise. Wow, life is so complicated these days. LOL. But come hell or high water we will be taking off to see family out of town over the weekend or soon after. Just gotta secure the lucky house/dog sitter. That should be the easiest part. Packing the car, not so fun or easy.

Let me know if you find any money!

Heather xoxox


Anonymous said...

I will have to check that out. While on here, send me your email-I need to send you something.

Karen said...

No such luck for us, I'm afraid!
Have a great vacation w/your family in Texas!

Snavleys said...

No such luck for us either! Darn!

Anonymous said...

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