Saturday, December 27, 2008

1200 miles to go

We just got word yesterday that Cliff's mom's mom (88?) is in hospice. We went to see her this past fall as a family, and then Cliff saw her in the hospital a few times after that. She is a very sweet woman who has lived a wonderful life. She will be missed greatly. We hope we can visit her one more time before she passes from this life. We're going to push our luck, and try to see my oldest grandmother (95 y.o.) in Austin before we head back to Iowa. I am surprised she is still around; she had a terrible year filled with hospital stays too. If we're lucky we'll visit a few other people on our way home. This has been a wonderful time with family for me. Someone asked me last night if Iowa is better than Texas, or if Texas is better than Iowa. I said, I love Texas in the winter and I love Iowa in the summer. It is the best of both worlds, for sure! But there's nothing like being with people who love you more than anything and accept you for who you are.

Heather xoxoxox


Randy said...


Mom is in hospice to try and get better. I know it sounds weird but thats what the people suggested because she will get more attention in a hospice. They said that, sometimes, when people are put in hospice they make something of a come back and can go to a nursing home. They just need more attention. So she isn't in hospice because she is coming to an end of life. She is there to try and get better. Joyce can explain it better. She is only 67 pounds.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Denise was going to see her tomorrow. If anyone can rebound it is a grandma. :) We'll hope for the best. I guess she is not actually in hospice, but hospice workers are coming to see her at the nursing center she is at right now. So that makes sense. But he fact that she refuses to eat on a regular basis makes it seem like end of life. But maybe not. Cliff talked to Joyce over the weekend.

I'm going to see my grandma today.


zamozo said...

(((Heather & Cliff))) -- as 2008 comes to an end I wish you meaningful moments with your loved ones and safe travels back to your own home.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

We are still in Austin and will be here one last night. All is going well and we're enjoying ourselves and family. We'll be home on Saturday. We are going to take our time getting home--even stopping to see friends on the way through DFW area.

Thanks for the travel safe wishes. We hope it goes well too. ;)

juliecache said...

peace to all of you!