Monday, September 1, 2008

YouTubes added and other news

I have added several YouTubes to My Favorite Youtube list (down on the left). Several are just clips of documentaries worth checking out:
Surfwise: The Amazing True Odyssey of the Paskowitz Family
Business of Being Born--truth about births in America
Don't Talk to Cops, Part I
The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters

I have been having fun watching documentaries the past week. I learned about Surfwise from our friends, The Wild Tribe. It is about a doctor who sold his practice and took his family on the road to surf all over the U.S. and south of the U.S. The kids are all grown now and it is about as blunt as it gets. I thought it was well told and very interesting.

I love learning about births and wish more women would learn all they can before getting pregnant. I thought Ricki Lake did a great job with "The Business of Being Born." She had a less than ideal birth with her son 11 years ago (I can relate) and then she had a homebirth after that. I thought the information was right on.

The other two youtubes are well worth your time, although they are long. I learned so much about the law (5th Amendment, Miranda rights, etc) that I did not know. I am going to watch them every year to refresh my memory. I found out about those videos from a fellow unschooler.

We canceled our Netflix last year when we went to TX while Cliff was in Iraq. I splurged and got it again. For $8.99 I can watch all the documentaries I want instantly on the computer and get one movie delivered at a time to our mailbox as often as I return a movie. The kids and I have been cuddling up to watch movies in bed at night. We even found out about Holden loves Naruto and we watch that on Cliff watched a movie in bed with us one night. It was fun! I even found the whole truant officer (going to school) episode of the Addam's Family on It was quite a trip. See the clip I posted last week. It is a riot.

All is going fine here. Cliff goes to his college classes every morning and comes home around noon. The kids are busy with friends, computer games, going on hikes with me (or as a family, doggy too). There is never a dull moment. We have some cool things planned this fall. I can't wait to blog all about it. Cliff needs the computer now.

I should have an update about the "Bus 4 A Bus" project in the next few weeks.


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