Sunday, July 20, 2008

No joke

My husband, Cliff (a huge Batman fan) had been looking forward to seeing the Dark Knight for months now. I on the other hand, did not want to see it. I was a huge, Heath Ledger fan. We had seen all of his movies (except one--which I still plan to see someday) and I thought he was hugely talented. It broke my heart in January when I heard he had died of an accidental overdose. I wanted to remember him as he was. And I thought seeing him as an evil character, the Joker, would be upsetting to me.

On opening day, Friday, Cliff planned to take Holden to see the Dark Knight. I couldn't decide if I was going to go. I didn't want to see the movie still. I thought Camden and I would prefer Wall-E or Space Chimps. Two neighbors wanted to go with us. One wanted to see Wall-E and the other wanted to see Dark Knight. I should have listened to my gut when Camden (3) insisted on seeing the Batman movie instead of something lighter. We all ended up going to see Dark Knight. It was incredibly difficult for me to see Heath as the Joker. He did a fabulous job of scaring the crap out of me. The movie was a tear jerker as far as I was concerned. I wanted to ball my eyes out a few times. But I have a hard time letting tears flow. It was over a two hour movie. It had some great action scenes and it was very interesting. But I just couldn't get past the movie being Heath's last. The theater we went to is usually not packed, especially at a 1 p.m. showing on a week day. But it was at least half full. It was mostly guys and a few women. The theater was quiet for most of the movie and almost silence as it was over. Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine got a few laughs. The acting was exceptional. If you go see it, take some tissue.

So, ever since Friday I have had a sore throat and lump in my throat. It was really starting to annoy me. I couldn't make myself cry for nothing all weekend. Until, I decided to play some music to get the tears flowing. There are a few songs that always do it for me. My throat feels a little better now.


Vicki said...

Good news for you then...that wasn't Heath's last movie. Imagination Imporium (or something like that) is supposed to be out next year. He was in the middle of filming when he died, so they're casting three other big name actors to finish up his scenes. It's going to be spectacular from what i saw!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Vicki~ That is good news for me!! I looked up the other movie for Heath on IMDb. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. It looks like it will be a good one! Thanks for informing me of this great news.