Monday, June 30, 2008

Without a doubt, it's SHADOW!

Introducing Shadow II. We decided it was time to get another dog. Our Cocker Spaniel, Shadow has been gone for nearly two years. Both boys are animals lovers and Cliff has been begging for a Golden Retriever for A. REALLY. LONG. TIME.!! He grew up with a Golden Retriever, that he adored.

We adopted Shadow last night from the daughter of a dog breeder who wanted to keep Shadow as a pet. But her schedule became busier than expected and 4 month old, Shadow needed a new home. We drove an hour to meet her and fell in love! All the neighbor kids came over to meet her last night and some of the neighbors woke up extra early to come see her again today.

Holden and his friend asked to brush her this morning and they have been playing with her and giving her all kinds of love. She is very happy here. We knew she would be. Cliff is going to be getting her supplies this morning. She needs chew toys very badly! She's very soft and so sweet. She is not hyper like a lot of puppies. And we have only heard her bark once. She did great in the car. She'll make a great road dog.

Funny how the universe brings us what we ask for! We talk a lot about our other dog Shadow and how much we missed having a dog. I can't say I expected another dog named, Shadow, but maybe that is what Cliff and the boys have been praying and asking for. I asked for an older puppy because I did not wish the puppy work right now. She still has a lot to walking down stairs and going potty outside. But it is o.k. She is worth it.

Sending out great big puppy kisses...

~Heather and family

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