Monday, June 30, 2008

Our first walk with Shadow

Hi friends. The first thing Holden wanted to do with our new puppy, Shadow, (even before we knew for sure we were taking her home) is take her on a walk. So, that is just what we did this afternoon AND this evening. Cliff picked up all her chew toys, food, flea treatment, and leash this morning. I have walked puppies before and I expected her to be a wild beast. She was very easy and got the hang of it easily. She learned to walk down stairs today, too. She did pee on the kitchen floor once. Not too bad!

It was an awesome day with her and the boys. She loved all the sites we had seen lots of times. Holden ran with her, and the new expandable leash made it really nice for the times Holden was way ahead of her. I think Holden is in better shape than Shadow. She was being kenneled most of her days lately. That made her lazy. But we are whipping her into shape. She is not overweight, just needs to tone up. LOL.

We had a family night since we had friends here ALL DAY. Our night consisted of a nice dinner and a horror movie, which the boys love. I got bored of the movie and gave Shadow a bath during the middle of the movie. She was smelly from getting wet several times today. She did so well in the tub. She is a doll.

So, life with our new dog is quite fun! We are ever grateful for all our good fortune.

Peace and love!
~Heather and family XOXOX

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