Monday, June 9, 2008

Nice surprises

We were planning on going to see an old friend tonight. But Cliff's uncle, Randy from Colorado called to let us know he and his daughters were in town for a few days. So, we went to see him and his three daughters at their hotel. We visited them at their hotel pool for a few hours. It is always good to visit with him. Cliff has always looked up to his uncle Randy. I was so busy in the pool with both boys, and talking to Randy's girls that I never took any photos. But we had a really nice time and then we drove home during a beautiful sunset on one side of the car and stormy skies with lightning in another direction. Cliff and I saw a huge wall cloud that was unlike any cloud we had ever seen. It was really pretty.

Surprises are nice. We hope next time they can stay at our house. Holden was sad that they couldn't because Cliff is in no condition for company. Even though I am sure we could have made it work, but they were already in a hotel. Holden brought a basket of nature collection goodies from his room to show them (his idea and own initiation). He has some really interesting feathers, rocks, and sea shells.

Another nice surprise today was seeing Cliff's staples for the first time. He has three very small areas of staples on his right shoulder. We were instructed to take off his bandages and put on new ones today. So, I took them off and he had his first full shower since Friday. There was no drainage and all looks great. Cliff's favorite part is me washing him every day and making sure he is not in too much pain. Oh, and helping him put on a shirt is nice too. He is such an easy patient. I was so nervous yesterday when I had to take out his hose for his pain pump that had to come out of his shoulder. It was a little bloody and there was a lot of dried blood. So, today seeing just staples was nice. Ripping the massive amount of bandages off was the worst part for him. One huge bandage covering half his shoulder and part of his back was on so well it took off a top layer of skin where there wasn't gauze. I like all the kisses I get and thanks for all my care. It makes it all worth it. We just hope next month he is feeling a lot better. I have a trip to make for a few days.

I'm zonked and ready for bed. All my boys are asleep. Peace to the world! XOXOX

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