Sunday, November 26, 2006

The long weekend is over

The long weekend is over for Cliff. He headed back west to get ready for work tomorrow. He was able to see first hand how much his little ones are changing and growing in all sorts of ways. Camden and Holden both were at the door to greet him when he arrived on Wednesday evening. They were both so happy to see their dad and Camden's face lit up and he greeted his dad with his happy angelic two year old voice, "come in da." They all hugged and then we hugged. By the time the weekend started to wind down we were all quite tired, emotional, and cranky. We knew he would be headed back to work soon. It would have been a lot less stressful had Cliff not had to spend a day and a half on replacing the brakes on his car. But at least he has a safer car now!

Camden never wasted a minute to ask his dad to read to him. His passion for airplanes or books with animals never seems to wane lately. He is constantly asking what something is or what things mean. Holden asks complicated questions, but seems to enjoy helping to answer Camden's wonderings more and more everyday. Sometimes he grows weary of his brother's constant movement and zeal for every moment.

This afternoon Holden wandered off to play with friends who were back in town from the holiday. He wore himself out and had a meltdown on the way home from a friend's. Cliff was frustrated, but we endured and all turned out o.k. I took some deep breaths and tried to realize all that must go on in a small child's mind. Goodness knows I had a few meltdowns this weekend myself. Emotions are like the weather. Storms come and go.

Cliff headed west with a stiff neck and he was wore out. He told me he works harder when he comes home than when he is at work. I felt bad but I know it is true in some ways. We had a lot of down time, but I think he forgets how much being a parent requires. But he did pretty well considering he was out of practice. He adores his little guys!

Although I do well for the most part with just the boys and myself, I stole some time to myself as this weekend. Cliff and I stole some alone time together too. Both boys went to bed early each night he was home because they stayed so busy it wore them out. Hopefully I'll be ready to endure whatever comes my way until he heads this way again. Being apart like this is not horrible, but it is not easy either. Soon enough we'll be past this stage in life and we'll be onto another one. So we're trying to enjoy the now as much as possible. That's all we really have and all we can do is try to see the good in what is here now. Some days are easier than others.

The long weekend is over, but I'm glad there is still much to look forward to in life.

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Heather said...

Wow you have your hands seem to be doing a great job of handling it all and have such a good perspective.