Monday, October 23, 2006

"Where's Da-da?"

Cliff is working this week. Today was his first day! Hooray! He called me after he checked into his hotel room to tell me about his day. It seems like this job is going to work out o.k. For this we are truly grateful because the last two jobs didn't stick for one reason or another.

Both boys missed their dad today. This evening Camden said, "Where's Da-da?" And at bedtime I thought I heard Holden crying. I asked him what was wrong and he said he missed his Daddy. I told him his Dad misses us too. Holden said he already knew that. The picture of Camden and Cliff was taken on Saturday while we were all relaxing for a bit watching a movie.

Hopefully we'll see Cliff again this weekend or the next. He's not that far away. I can't wait for him to come home and see my handy work. I've been getting trim and cupboards taped so we (or just me) can paint next month. Almost the whole hour I was taping Holden was right next to me on his toddler table. Every time I moved my chair he moved his table. He wanted to get a good view of my work. It was very endearing.

A little while before Cliff left to go out of town we spotted this hawk outside our window perched in our tree. He was eating a mouse or something. He ate the whole thing on that tree branch. When I took this photo his back was to us. But for the most part he was facing us while he yanked and pulled the meat off of whatever he was eating with his hungry beak. What was so interesting was that last week I saw this same bird chasing a squirral in our backyard. I was disappointed because I didn't get a good look at him and the kids didn't get to see him either. So I got my wish to see our hawk again and for the kids and Cliff to see this beautiful hawk too. It seemed like a good omen from the Gods (or God). We won't starve to is plentiful! This photo makes this large bird seem small. He didn't look grown though.

We may not starve, but we may freeze! It's chilly here today! Luckily it is supposed to warm up a little and the winds may die down. Our bodies are still adjusting to this windy fall weather. We went outside a few times today. We had to warm up with some hot tea a few times. We cuddled up to read some books from the library today too. Although, I stayed busy with some upkeep chores, it was nice to just "be" with the boys and hang out today. Afterall, I miss their Daddy too.

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