Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Just another day in the life...

The trees still have many leaves on them! On our way to park day I couldn't help but snap a few photos. We were very excited about the weather forecast today. It was supposed to be 55 and partly sunny. Well the morning was quite sunny, but the clouds moved in around 12:30pm and it was darn chilly at the park. Holden refused to wear his coat. He huddled under a pile of coats and small fleece blanket for at least half the time we were at the park. Both kids begged to go home and so we didn't stay as long as we could have.

We found some old wood and Holden asked me to make a fire with it. If we had brought matches or a lighter we would have! There is a shelter with a fire place and a burn pit next to it. It was that chilly. We had fun seeing our friends though!

We did go back outside later on when we got home from the park. It was nice to be outside although it was nippy. Not too many kids were outside. It's a little hard to adjust to the quietness of fall fading into winter.

Cliff called me from Sioux City yesterday and tonight. He's staying with some co-workers in a house and all is going fine. He misses us and we miss him. But we know this is all temporary and our attitudes are in line with that. We're excited about our future and making the most of the present.

A side note: I've had several out of state folks interested in the china. One person wants to pay for me to ship it to her. She has an antique platter and veggie tray that matches the plates Tess traded us. She wants to trade those to me for the plates. But she's not interested in the martini set. Maybe I'll get someone who wants the martini set and not the china to make another trade? I'm still holding out for someone local to contact us. Not sure where this is leading, but it is interesting! People have been very open to our adventure. I'm certainly enjoying the people we have encountered. They are kind and caring. Our guardian angels are watching out for us! That's for sure!

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Snavleys said...

It looks so pretty!! We got our first snow fall this morning!