Tuesday, October 3, 2006

JCB Song by Nizlopi (You bet I like to copy!)

Tonight I saw this post on another mom Heather's "Eclectic Blog:" I saw this great video on Zenmomma's blog this morning. Awesome song!

Here's what zenmomma wrote in her blog about this video on YouTube:
I just love this song. To me it's a perfect look into a little boy's worldview. All kids should have time to dream and pretend. And they should have their parents behind them and on their side. Plus there's my favorite line, "I'm so glad I'm not in school boss, so glad I'm not in school."

This song almost moved me to tears. I'm sure you'll understand when you see this moving song. This boy is having so much fun just being with his dad. How awesome is that! Kids need their parents so much. I know I did. It's too late for me to have a bond with my dad (my step-dad is currently numbing himself to death w/ booze and my real dad committed suicide before I could meet him), but I thank the stars my kids know their dad and have a real relationship with him. Cliff watched this and he was deeply moved as well. Cliff is Bruce Lee to our boys. He is their idol and he adores them. I am soooooo lucky!!! Today when he got home from a long day helping someone with some home maintenance he relaxed for a bit. Then Cliff went outside with the boys as usual. They wanted to play ball and ride their bikes. I watched them. They always have so much fun with their dad. He's a big kid! BTW, Cliff's dad drives a bulldozer for a living. Cliff has never been to work with his dad. :~(

A tip: Let the video load and then hit replay to watch it uninterupted by loading lags.

Thanks for letting me be a copy cat!!!

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Heather said...

The video shows clearly how important it is for kids to just *BE* with their parents and how everything else is so unimportant.